Mooyoung Architectural Seminar _ New Office Design of Zaha Hadid

Notice  |  2018-01-22


The first architectural seminar in 2018 was given by Cho, Kwanphil, who works as a lead architect in the famous English architectural office of Zaha Hadid.

Lecturer : Cho, Kwanphil, ARB(UK), Lead Architect, Zaha Hadid Architects

Lecture Main Topic : Office Design ZAHA

  - Theoretical background of office environment

  - New demands of office environment: effiency, rigidity, ordered vs creativity. Flexibility, versatility

  - Data driven design of office environment

Project :

1. Dominion Tower

   -  Architectural concept

  -  New office environment

2. Sberbank

  -  Concept and its rigorous development 

  -  New office environment

  -  Façade

  -  Structural complexity, simplicity and ornamentation