Eunpyeong New Town Sangrim Maeul

Location Jingwannae-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul
Type Residential & Housing Development
Gross Floor Area 207,780㎡
Building Scale 1,274 Units
Design / Completion 2005 / 2009
Client SH Corporation
Awards Korea Ecological Architecture and Environment Award 2009, Grand Prize
In the Eunpyeong New Town Sang-Rim Maeul Apartment, resort-type building elevations and landscape are proposed to enhance the quality-life. Atrium space based on a re-interpretation of the traditional Korean atrium is introduced to develop sense of community among the residents, with concept that integrates diverse group of households.
The concept of '5 to haves and 5 not to haves' translates into five desirable things (shared natural environment, closed knit neighborhood, attractive promenades, scenic areas, and landscape) and five undesirable things (walls, road ledges, concrete masonry blocks, electric poles and signboards) and the latest ubiquitous environment system is also introduced.