Incheon Nonhyeon Well-County

Location Nonhyeon 2 District 10 Block, Namdong-gu, Incheon
Type Residential & Housing Development
Gross Floor Area 177,717㎡
Building Scale 30F, B2 (888 Units)
Design / Completion 2005 / 2008
Client Incheon Development & Transformation Corporation
Awards Incheon Architecture Award 2008, Grand Prize
Korea Ecological Architecture and Environment Award 2008, Grand Prize
The project is planned to create an increase in asset value as a landmark by building from mid to large size units in high quality towers with a very low building coverage ratio of 11.07%. It is possible to have open view to Port Sorae and the West Sea from the higher floor units with maintaining sufficient distance between towers and meticulously considered direction, view and privacy. It was planned for total separation between vehicle traffic and pedestrian passages and also provides European style entrance plaza and promenade for a dynamic lively active street.