High1 Switchback Resort

Location Dogye-eup, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do
Type Hotel & Leisure
Gross Floor Area 16,979.72㎡
Building Scale 1~2F
Design / Completion 2012 / 2014
Client High1 Switchback Resort
Awards 1st Prize of Competition
Characteristic regional landscape (Ravine, Abandoned mine, Railway, Canyon) was the motif introduced the dwarf theme Village on the theme of dwarf, high one switchback Resort, a continuous railway experience strategy, integrated platform system (high 1 train - Incline - rail bike - circuit trolley) I realize the convenience and management of efficiency of the installation by the user of these.
On the basis of the dwarf theme, to ensure the resort fixation and domestic ambulatory theme park type by geocaching adventure theme construction of Park of global trends. And scalability and flexibility in planning a resort that is newly evolved each time you visit by presenting a step-by-step theme and vision is strong medium -and long- term master plan.